Jesus Life Church

The church working together

We are not a denomination, organization, or program! We are the Church! Our goal is to connect with local churches all over the world in partnership to reach the ends of the earth with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We understand that their are many individual gatherings and that each has a specific and special assignment from the Lord. Let's partner instead of compete!! Our pure focus, heart, and goal is Jesus Christ glorified!!
In 2006 Rodney and Leigh-Ann Ducroq and their two daughters were sent from a church in Benoni (Covenant Life) South Africa, believing that God had purposed and called them to plant a work in the USA. In faith they landed in Wichita, Kansas and what would unfold is a God story similar to one we hear so often. Only having a visiting VISA they waited on God for open doors as to how to pursue the purpose of God and honor the governing authorities in obtaining a religious Visa. These doors opened and even though many were pessimistic God provided all the way. In 2008 they officially launched their church plant "Four Corners International. They faithfully served and persevered through an intense battle with immigration for 6 years. After 4CI began Rodney made a connection with Jeremy and Dana Henry who had faithfully served in a large capacity on the streets of Wichita. This amazing and fruitful ministry was called Zao Christian Fellowship. Then in 2011 Joel and Becca Potter merged their ministry, "Hands and Feet ministries" with 4 Corners International and began a relationship of serving together. We walked through a journey of building relationships and seeking the heart of The Lord for our city! As we continued to push through we gathered together in a small storefront at 1710 E Douglas.
In March of 2013 Rodney and Leigh Ann received news from immigration that their battle was coming to a close. So, they had to make the difficult decision to pack up and relocate back to South Africa to seek The Lord and try and understand what it was that He was calling them to next! With this move came the transition of leadership. Rodney, Joel, and Jake Leister were eldering 4CI and with input and accountability Joel was asked to lead the 4CI leadership team in this transition.
Joel and Jake lead through a tough but fruitful year of transition and purchasing a new 13,000 sq ft building at 2903 E Central. In 2014 John and Kathe Cromwell joined the eldership team which proved to be an amazing partnership! Our body then decided to lay new foundations and "re-plant" as Jesus Life Church.
We are excited to continue in the power and mission of Jesus Christ as we preach the gospel of Jesus to all we are in contact with! We are a real group of people that understands it is not the leader’s (elder, pastor, priest, etc) job to minister to the people, but this is the blessed work of the whole body of Christ! It has been an incredible privilege to see The Lord set His people free from a mindset of bondage to a freedom as the saints!!


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